Welcome to Duvelle Bowmen

The new course is now completed and has been signed off!
(Thanks to all those who have helped with this) and therefore
the wood is now open for practice if you so wish!

The Course layers have built new bridges where required for easy access see photos!


All archers must adhere to the latest Corona requirements!

New dates added for Club Shoots & Club Champs:- 

See Club Shoots & Club Champs Tab.

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Duvelles Next Open Shoot.


21st April 2024

40 Mixed, 3Ds and Faces, Full Catering will be available

10:30 am Start

Please email duvellebowmen@gmail.com


Phone Carol on 07964 123208 to reserve your place BUT only after 6pm please!


                                                                                      See you there!

       BUT On Shoot day only, any issues please use mobile - 07964 123208

Please also ensure that you use the correct postcode DE6 4NW

Hi all archers and welcome!

Hopefully you will find this information of use.
We are a Field Archery club shooting under NFAS rules and welcome archers of all ages and classes.
Please feel free to leave comments on the guest book page or use the contact us page to mail any concerns on where you think we might need to improve.


Our Chairman says

"You can't take Health & Safety for granted!

Be seen and be safe at all times!".

 A recent addition

Looks like the wood elves have been busy!

Mick Alldread, Dave Impey and Lewis have been very busy renewing the gents in readiness for our next open shoot.
Building new bridges in readiness for our next open shoot.
The cabin gets a much needed sprucing up and re creosoting by Barry & Stu.

Mick , Lewis, John And Kevan have been hard at it in the ladies loo now

The finished ladies facility

Warm work but the Duvelle Team have been hard at it again improving the drainage around the hut.
In no particular order:-
 John Pendalton and son, Kevan Suthan, John Horrobin and Wendy Horrobin and Mick Alldread moving gravel and pipe down to the hut. Digging the trench and putting pipe in trench and back filling with pea gravel 

Dog just checking for obstructions!

And now as good as new!

Warm work and the busy beaver Duvelle Team have been hard at it again laying a path around the hut to the toilets..
In no particular order:-
 Lewis Chuck, Dave Impey, Mick Alldread & John Pendalton.

Beware some nudity is apparent!! l 

If you are of a nervous disposition then please look away now!